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When are Varicose Veins More Than Just a Cosmetic Concern?

Nearly one in four adults in the United States has at least one varicose vein. While many people are concerned about their conspicuous appearance, varicose veins can also affect your health and well-being. Here’s what you should know.

Mar 4th, 2020
5 Factors That Affect Wound Healing

Most wounds go through three distinct phases of healing, but the rate at which they progress through those phases can be influenced by a variety of factors. Find out why some wounds may take longer to heal than others.

Feb 1st, 2020
Venous Ulcers: Who Is At Risk?

Venous ulcers can occur if you have circulation problems with the veins of your legs. Certain factors can increase the likelihood of developing these wounds. Find out if you’re at risk for venous ulcers and what you can do to prevent them.

Jan 1st, 2020
Could You Develop Peripheral Arterial Disease?

When fatty deposits impede the blood flow in arteries in your legs, you have peripheral artery disease. The interruption in circulation causes pain in your legs and feet, leading to further complications without treatment.

Dec 1st, 2019